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  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil - 1/3oz (10mL)


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Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil has a powerful, fresh medicinal-camphoraceous bouquet with a spicy undertone.  A strong anti antiseptic and anti fungal making it good for acne, itchy foot conditions, cold sores, and ailments during the cold and flu season. 

Best ways to use Tea tree essential oil:

  • Direct Palm / Nasal Inhaler: Place a drop of oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the hands together, cup your hands around your nose and take a deep breath in through the nose. You can also add several drops to nasal inhaler and breathe in throughout the day. You can repeat multiple times though out the day.
  • Diffuser: Tea Tree is great to add to a diffuser to purify the air (add eucalyptus or pine)
  • Mix in a spritzer bottle full of water and vinegar and spray on counters or bathrooms for a deep clean (add eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary)

Other oils it blends well with:
Eucalyptus, forest pine, lavender, lemon, rosemary.

Fun facts: Belongs to a family of approximately 200 different species of evergreen trees.  Tea tree was discovered in an expedition lead by Captian Cook in 1770.

Cautions: Do not apply directly to the eyes or mucous membranes. There is potential for skin irritation in some people.

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