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  • Providence White Clay
White Clay - 3 ounces


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Article number: ING1031
Brand: Providence

How is it made?
 Our white clay is kaolinite-type clay also known as china clay, white cosmetic clay and kaolin.  It is found in deposits around the world where it is mined, pulverized and dried.

What is it used for?
White clay is more gentle than green clay and is, therefore, more suitable for facial applications on people with sensitive skin.  It does not readily draw oils, which makes it great for dry skin types.  Soap makers often use it in shaving products as it adds slip while being safe and generally non-sensitizing.  White clay is a soft and gentle clay that can be used to make facial masks that remove oil and impurities from the outermost layer of skin.  It is also commonly used in soaps, natural deodorants, natural toothpastes, poultices and scrubs.

Fun Fact
White clay is also used in papermaking, paint, fiberglass, porcelains and ceramics, and toothpaste manufacturing.

Storage Consideration
 When stored in a dry, cool place, white clay will store indefinitely.

Safety Considerations
For external use only.

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