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  • Providence Guar Gum
Guar Gum - 3 ounces


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Brand: Providence

How is it made?
Guar gum made from the de-husked and pulverized inner seed of the guar plant.

What is it used for?

Guar gum is commonly used as a natural thickener.  It is commonly used in home-made toothpastes, deodorants, and skin care creations.  It mixes well with water, but be sure to add slowly as is can gel or clump if added too quickly.  Guar gum also inhibits the formations of crystals in solutions and so it is useful as a stabilizer in many products.

Fun Facts
Guar gum has eight times the thickening power of cornstarch!  A little often goes a long way.

Storage Considerations
Store Guar Gum in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.

Safety Considerations
For external use only.  Use only as directed.

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