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  • Providence Copal Resin
  • Providence Copal Resin
Copal Resin - 2 ounces


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Brand: Providence

How is it made?
Copal is the aromatic semi-hardened resin from the Protium tree. Typically, cuts are made in the bark of the tree and the resin seeps out, hardens, and is collected.

What is it used for?
The aromatic copal resin is burned as an incense. It was identified and utilized by pre-Columbian Mesoamericans in a wide range of ceremonial and religious events. The exotic, astringent odor is still commonly used in sweat lodge and rite-of-passage ceremonies in central and south America. In its raw form, it is easiest to use when put atop a charcoal and left to smoke.

Fun Facts
Yellow, harder copal is considered to be inferior to the white, slightly gummy copal.

Storage Considerations
Keep in a covered container out of direct sunlight. Safety Considerations None known. Use caution when burning as there can be a fire hazard.

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