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  • Lemon Balm Essential Oil
Lemon Balm Essential Oil - 1/3oz (10mL)


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Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) essential oil has a fresh, aromatically citrus and herbaceous top note with a slight woodsy undertone.  An instant mood uplifting essential oil that is calming, relieves nervousness, tension and anxiety.  It is a great oil to apply topically on cold sores and eczema.


Best ways to use Lemon Balm essential oil:

  • Direct Palm / Nasal Inhaler: Place a drop of oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the hands together, cup your hands around your nose and take a deep breath in through the nose. You can also add several drops to nasal inhaler and breathe in throughout the day. You can repeat multiple times though out the day.
  • Diffuser: Lemon balm is a wonderful oil to diffuse throughout the whole house to liven the spirits and bring calmness to the home (for stress mix with neroli and bergamot, to soften the heart mix with rose and lavender)
  • For a soothing body oil mix with rosehip seed oil and rose essential oil.
  • For a cold sore blend with fractioned coconut oil, myrrh and peppermint essential oils to sooth and fight infection.


Other oils it blends well with:

Bergamot, chamomile, lavender, mandarin, neroli, rose, rose geranium, sweet orange.


Fun facts: The ancient Greeks used to put sprigs of lemon balm in beehives to attract bees.  Charles V, the King of France drank so much lemon balm tea to revive the spirits that is became so popular amongst France that it became known as “the tea of France”.        


Cautions: considered non-toxic but should be applied to skin first to see if you are sensitive to it. 

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