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At Providence, we are big fans of bitters and shrubs.  A long-lost addition in many American diets, bitters and shrubs still play an important role in the digestive health of many countries around the world.  Bitters and shrubs work in distinctly different, but equally powerful ways to promote healthy digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients.  Largely absent from American diets, bitter food items are linked to a profound cascade of physiological actions.  Upon tasting bitter foods, the body produces more hydrochloric acid in the stomach (necessary for the breakdown of proteins), increases digestive enzymes in the mouth, and mobilizes pancreatic bile (also important for healthy digestion).  Consumption of bitters before and/after a meal can have amazingly positive impacts of healthy digestion and feelings of bloating!
Shrubs are herbal infused vinegars.  These shrubs are expertly blended using apple cider vinegar for maximum nutrient value.  The acidic nature of shrubs helps break down proteins into amino acids and, in some people, can actually reduce the discomfort of heartburn!
 In addition to these great medicinal benefits, bitters and shrubs make amazing drink mixers!  Try them in alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for a fun and healthy twist.

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