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The under-appreciated hydrosol...

Hydrosols are the often forgotten and under-appreciated ‘byproduct’ of essential oil manufacturing.  During the creation of essential oils, steam is pushed through plant materials where the oil glands within plants burst and release their contents into the steam.  The steam and oil mixture is collected and cooled where essential oils naturally separate from the water phase.  The oils are called essential oils.  But what about the water!?  These distilled waters are wonderfully fragrant and medicinal.  They contain a heavy concentration of water friendly plant chemicals (hydrophilic phytochemicals) and a low concentration of essential oils.  They typically have the same medicinal benefits as their much more concentrated sister-products (i.e. essential oils) but their naturally diluted nature makes them much easier to use.  They make wonderful room sprays, body spray, and facial sprays.  They are very commonly used in high-end body care products.  They even have a long history as being used in and on foods.  Rediscover the under-appreciated hydrosol!

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